What to Expect

at Acts Church

If you have never visited a Church, just know, it does not get any better than Acts Church (okay, that may not be true, but we think so).


When you arrive at Acts Church we have plenty of parking. If you have a disability, are pregnant, have small children, or for any other reason, you just have a difficult time getting around, no problem. Just head up near the front doors of the Church Building, we have a space for you.

In the Lobby

When you come inside the building check out our lobby, find out more about the Church and our ministries by interacting with the iPads at the information desk or the large touchscreen in the main lobby. Or, you can talk to anyone in an Acts Church Shirt or anyone with an Acts Church name tag. Next, grab some coffee, tea, or water (hot or cold), and head into the worship center to find a comfortable seat. You will probably be greeted by a number of people, don't freak out, this is normal behavior for the Christ Followers at Acts Church. They will be excited to see you, and they want to serve you.

Kids Classes

If you have children 0-5th grades they can join our dedicated, friendly volunteers and Staff members in Acts Kids. You will simply take them down the stairs (the stairs are to your right, just as you enter the front doors). You will find someone ready to help you by getting your child a name tag and a number, and giving you a tag with that number as well. This number will show up on the screen in the worship center, if there are any issues with your child or children while you are connecting with us during the service and you can head down to check on your young one(s), if needed. You can get more information about Acts Kids here.

During the Service

During the service we will be singing worship songs to the Lord and possibly reading from the Bible and praying. All of these are ways we show honor to God. We think He is glorious and worthy of all praise and worship. And we are excited to be His children and His servants.
Next, you will see one of our Pastor's or Elders giving a message teaching the Bible. If you do not have your own Bible, please take one from one of the backs of the seats in front of you and keep it as our gift to you. These messages are usually presented by our Teaching Pastor, David Robinson. These message usually last from 40 minutes to an hour or so. the whole service is usually between one hour fifteen minutes and an hour and a half.
We usually take an offering near the end of the service. Do not feel obligated to give. The service and our hospitality is our gift to you. The offering is an opportunity for Christ Followers to serve and worship God through tithes and offerings to Him!

After the Service

After the service feel free to join us in the prayer room, where we are honored to pray for you and your family or any other needs. We are also, always honored to talk to you about how to become a Follower of Jesus Christ. We can also help you take your next steps in your walk with Jesus Christ, including baptism, signing up for Orientation Class, joining a Life Group, volunteering, or even beginning a relationship with one of our Pastors, Elders, or Deacons to have an accountability relationship and some friendship!
We cannot wait to see you at our Church Building to join our Church in worshipping, learning, connecting, and growing in the Lord.